accounts payable

Let us take care of your accounts payable process to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your company’s financial statements.

When your company orders or receives supplies, materials or services before you pay for them, these purchases are considered to be made on account or on credit. Your supplier or vendor on the other end of the transaction is referred to as a creditor since you owe them for goods or services already shipped or rendered. This is why these purchases by your company are considered “Accounts Payable” in accounting language.

If this seems overwhelming or is simply something you’d rather not have to deal with so you can focus on actually running your business, we can help! We handle the work by taking care of the accounts payable process from start to finish; ensuring every bit of the enormous amount of detail is legitimate and accurately reflected in your accounting system.

Remember, an efficient and effective accounts payable process can benefit your company’s cash position, relationship with your suppliers and even your credit rating.

Our timely and efficient accounts payable process can include any or all of the following services;

  • Processing vendor invoices in a timely manner
  • Payment processing
  • Accurate general ledger account recording
  • Aged payables analysis
  • Expense accrual for items not yet completely processed
  • Integrating for a quicker and more secure way of paying online

“JFB has been instrumental to my business - like many small business owners, my business partner and I were trying to do QuickBooks Online by ourselves. I called Jennifer, she met with us in my office. She was able to get our books caught up for the year in just a couple of weeks. She cleaned up the prior work that either my business partner or myself had done. I am so glad that our CPA referred her firm to us as he will be so happy to have a clean set of financials and books to do our next year tax return!”

– Jeremy O.

“Wow! This is different! Certified Bookkeepers! I didn't know there was such a certification. The services they offer are steps above their competition, and they are extremely professional in their execution. I highly recommend giving this business a shot at your business if you are shopping for a highly competent bookkeeping service.”

– Steve G.

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