accounts receivable

When your company sells goods or services to customers on credit where you don’t require them to pay ahead of time or at delivery, this creates an asset called an “Accounts Receivable”.

The accounting process is based on the invoice you issue which describes the goods or services you’ve sold, the amount owed (including sales taxes and freight charges), and the when payment is due.

Our Accounts Receivable services include:

  • Sales invoicing
  • Direct mailing
  • Cash receipts
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Collections

If this seems overwhelming or is simply something you’d rather not have to deal with so you can focus on actually running your business, we can help! We’ll take care of the recording and maintenance of all your accounts receivables; including handling the following:

Bad Debt

On occasion, customers you sold to on credit won’t end up paying. When this happens, you’ll need to properly account for bad debts. Bad debt accounting, not only deals with the write-off of customer who don’t pay but with estimating the required allowance for bad debts account you need to hold in reserve.

Early Payment Discounts

If you offer customers a discount if they pay early or under certain terms, we can take care of the accounting so you always know where you stand and can effectively manage your discount programs.

Aging Analysis

Your accounts receivable data can reveal a lot about the financial health of your business. We can produce accounts receivable aging reports which will show the amount of invoice dues at select intervals; typically in 30 day increments up to 90+ days. Aging reports are essential to effectively managing your collections

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